Tips for the borrower

Anyone who has faced financial difficulties knows that their cause can be different, for example, lack of savings, delayed payment of salaries. More prosaic reasons can be the failure of household appliances, a phone or a laptop, which cost a lot of money in the Philippines. People easily solve all these difficulties with the help of mini loans. Loan tips – the only thing one ought to remember is that the money will definitely need to be returned.

Loan tips on the choice of lender

In order to choose the best fast cash loans conditions for themselves, a person needs to study all available lenders, their conditions and choose the most suitable one. To do this, one can turn to lenders’ reviews on trustworthy and well-known platforms or conduct their own little research. A person should compare:

  • requirements for the borrower (credit rating, monthly income, permanent job, age, etc.)
  • interest rates;
  • APR;
  • terms and amounts of the loan;
  • the presence of additional commissions and fees (such as loan origination) and insurance.

Read the contract carefully

Personal loans advice – a credit agreement is the most important document when applying for a loan. It contains such important things as possible fines and loan payment methods. One should be familiar with them. This is mandatory and will save the borrower from unforeseen problems with the loan in the future.

Tips for a personal loan amount

A person ought to approach a loan request very, very responsibly considering carefully all aspects related to it. The most important of them is the question of how much money to ask for on loan.

To calculate the necessary amount that an individual can pay out without problems, they must first know their gross monthly income. From this amount it is worth calculating 30-40% – this will be the estimated amount of the payday loans, which the borrower can easily repay.


Loans advice – the repayment of money is the borrower’s immediate responsibility. This implies the very concept of loans. But, which is important with regard to the modern realities of lending, one should make payments systematically and within the established term. This is important because late payments or evasion may result in:

  • bad credit history;
  • the significant drop in credit scores;
  • registration in the database of debtors and violators;
  • legal action;
  • proceedings with collection agencies.

Loans advice on early repayment

Unless the opposite is indicated in the loanable agreement, it will be very beneficial for the borrower to repay the loan in advance as soon as possible and to get rid of this burden on his monthly budget. Tips for a personal loan – the longer the life of the loan is, the more interest the individual pays and, accordingly, the greater the overpayment on the credit is. Therefore, if the lender does not impose penalties for paying the debt ahead of schedule, one should pay it off as soon as possible.


Lending must be approached carefully. A borrower ought to fully examine the lending contract, interest rates, availability and amount of penalties, etc. Before obtaining loans for people with bad credit, an individual must try to get money in other ways – borrow from friends/relatives or earn by side-working. If there are no other options, only then a person may proceed to a loan. Binixo helps Filipinos find the best lending conditions from trusted and well-known lenders.