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Payday Loans

Top managers of leading banks in the world note that the recent years opened for a wide range of new preferences for consumers with the ability to take loans online. Marketers note a noticeable increase in consumer lending, which contributed to the introduction of new credit programs. So, today everyone is able to make a loan online.

How to get a loan?


Set amount and due date


Sign the Contract


Fill in a form


Get approved and Get money

Why us?

Flexible repayment term
In case of unforeseen circumstances through no fault of the borrower, BINIXO Lending offers prolongation of repayment on a case to case basis.
We are fast
Money will be sent immediately after the approval. We appreciate your time, so all transactions are done 100% online, allowing you to send a request and get the money without leaving home.
Transparent costs
With the full cost shown up front, use the calculator to count fees applied before making decision.

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Payday Loans

Payday loans online

Instant payday loans are considered more in demand than banking loans, because to receive them it is enough to fill in an application on the website and provide a passport and TIN. Consideration of an online application usually takes few minutes, and after that money is transferred to the bank card of the borrower, his bank account or issued in cash in one of the branches of the microfinance organization or bank.

What We Offer

What we offer

Our company specializes in instant lending on the Internet. The service is available for many countries and works with any bank card. Our company has earned respect and loyalty of customers due to the right approach to the service of interaction with consumers. For example, we work around the clock and without days off. We provide loans for students, personal loans and loans for business.


The Loan Repayment Process

Payday Loan is a type of short-term payday advance loans where company (or bank) lends a small amount of money at a high interest rate. The repayment process is: the borrower issues a personal check, dated by the future date, for the amount that he wishes to make loan plus commission, in exchange for cash. The lender holds a check and presents it for payment on the agreed date, usually the day after the date specified in the check.

High Approval Rates

High Approval Rates

Our company offers you high approval rates, so you can be sure that your application will be confirmed in less than a minute. In order to receive money on your personal account you should fill in the application and wait for the decision. You will receive an email or call. Right after confirmation you are ready to use your finances.

How much can I borrow

How much can I borrow

The proposed amount on our website in the majority of cases is more than enough to meet the urgent need for money.
If you are a new customer and have never used our services before, the payday loan amount will be medium, while the next time you will be able to get the maximal amount.

Why Choose Binixo

Why Choose Binixo’s Payday Loans

We are a reliable company with good reviews from users and the main pros of working with us are:

  1. You have the opportunity to get a high amount of money;
  2. You do not need to wait long for an approval- you will receive a call and in a few minutes get your money;
  3. There is no need to collect a lot of documents – you need only a passport and identification code;
  4. You do not need a certificate confirming your solvency.