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Each of us has faced the situation when we need fast cash. It may be a broken electronics, health problems, unexpected purchase or just a forgotten debt. Regardless of the purpose, we all have the same question “where to get money fast?” If you don’t want to depend on your friends by lending money from them, cash loan is for you. Quick application, beneficial conditions, and a reliable lender is what you need.

How to get a loan?


Indicate the amount and term


Fill out an online application


Choose the best offer


Get confirmation and money

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24/7 lending
No checking documents or income at any time of the day.
Convenient and easy
Choose the best offer and the way to receive money. Binixo will save you time looking for lenders on your own.
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Binixo does not charge any fees. The selection of personal offers is free. We deal with trusted companies only.

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Need cash fast

Cash loans in the Phlippines

Today in the Philippines there is a diversity of companies and banks offering cash advance. If you need cash fast today and don’t want to be tricked be careful while choosing. All the companies offer different conditions of the contract and terms of the loan payment. Those who need cash now in the Philippines can get the needed amount on a day of application. For many companies, this process takes less than half an hour.

How does it work

How does it work?

The process of taking the fast cash is simple and fast. You only need to submit the online application. In the case when you need cash fast you can also choose the necessary loan amount. Terms of loan payment are different and can be also chosen. For the first time, you can take around PHP 10 000. After the approval of your application, you can get money in the branch of a company.

the main requirements

What are the main requirements?

People who need cash fast with a poor credit history have all chances to get the money needed. The main requirements for the fast cash don’t include checking of the credit history. You should just be between eighteen and sixty- five years old and be a Filipino citizen. No special checks, no collateral, and interviews. You fill out an application and get the money.

Main advantages of cash loans

Main advantages of cash loans

Need cash fast in the Philippines? With these advantages of the cash loans you will not consider other options:

  • a minimal set of documents required. All you need is two your IDs;
  • the whole process of application and approval takes less than 15 minutes;
  • you don’t need to provide the certificate of employment, a mortgage or any other guarantees;
  • you don’t have to explain the purposes why you need the money.

Interest rate

It is obvious that the interest rate varies between different companies as well as the loan amount. On average, the interest rate varies from 2% to 5%. The loan amount varies from PHP 2500 to PHP 30 000 depending on the chosen company. The interest rate of the fat cash loans is comparably high. These loans are meant to bridge the gap between your paydays. Also, it is a good choice for urgent financial needs.

Binixo’s helping hand

Binixo’s helping hand

Binixo company provides a full range of lending services including quick cash loans. If you need cash fast – fill our application form and wait for the approval. In less than 10-15 minutes you will be able to get your cash in our office. We don’t ask questions and find reasons to refuse you, we help you in any of your situations.

Binixo is a reliable intermediary when you need to find a company to get money from. Keep in mind, it is not responsible for the terms and conditions of one lender. So, it is up to a client to familiarize himself with the policies of one multilateral institution.

General requirements for borrower:

Person must be over 18 years of age and be a citizen of Philippines.

Loan interest:

Depending on the lender, interest rate can vary: per day from 0.8% to 2%, APR(annual percentage rate) from 10.5% to 71%.


Credit amount is 20 000 PHP for 30 days, full payout amount is 26,000 PHP.

These values ​​are approximate and may vary depending on the conditions of the lender.

Here is a list of helpful tips to know before borrowing:

  • A request to borrow money should be taken seriously and it predetermines that a person has a steady income to bring them back;
  • The applied amount should match the person’s paying capacity. So, it will be repaid with no trouble;
  • A loan cannot be considered as a permanent financial help. It is an exceptional solution to provide a person with money. If repeatedly requesting such monetary aid, there may be lots of debts;
  • It is advisable to inform the family about such an application. Otherwise, it may affect them;
  • A person has to pay not only a fixed applied amount but a commission, interest, and extra fees if available.

Binixo Philippines, in turn, will do its best to provide potential borrowers with transparent information on each lender and his requirements.

What If You Fail to Repay?

There are many events when a person cannot repay a borrowed amount due to various circumstances. But, they will not serve as a valid reason to not give money back. Thus, lenders may use penalties against the client. Also, depending again on each credit organizations, they may initiate a lawsuit or give the right to collect the debt to third parties.

To avoid such harmful consequences, always remember about the interest and commission. And, by no means ignore the due date. For instance, if you missed returning the money, a lender will calculate additional costs starting from the delay day until receiving a full amount. Unfortunately, there is a common practice in the Philippines when a person fails to repay, and then it greatly influences credit history. He may receive a denial when applying with a new company.