How to Repay a Credit

Looking for the best credit lender with attractive terms of the repayment?

Binixo can come in handy in offering potential applicants to choose the companies only with affordable interest and the best reputation on the Filipino market. The due date and payment methods may vary even on where one or another creditor is located.

But, most commonly, applicants should transfer the borrowed amount via a credit card Visa/Mastercard or with the help of bank remittance. They may turn to BPI, BDO, Security Bank, and many other banking facilities with whom one company works.

To make it clear, here is a list of a few main online services issuing microloans and credits in the Philippines with their benefits and information on how to repay a loan.

Cashwagon payment terms

This service usually offers to repay the credits within 180 days. If choosing high amounts, a person should discuss personally the due date. Cashwagon how to repay? To pay back the credit, use the next offline cashwagon payment partners:

  • 7-Eleven, choose Dragonloans;
  • Bayad Center;
  • SM Payment Counters;
  • Robinsons Department Store and Supermarket;
  • LBC.

If turning to your Landbank ATM, use DragonPay as a merchant. Indicate a personal agreement number. Otherwise, a contract number that contains CW and 6 digits number received to the mobile phone via SMS.

Easycash on pay

Applicants can apply for Personal, Seafarer or Business loans. The detailed instruction on the procedure and due dates is available after signing a contract. To find out the easy cash payments partners, proceed with the application.


If browsing the website, loan payment solutions terms are hidden for public access. But, any applicants after agreeing with the creditor receive a presentation on the email. The interest rate of this lender is around 1,2%.


The due dates are divided by the weekly, bi-weekly, monthly payments. Cashmart how to pay? The lender sends an e-mail with the instructions along with the reference number. Then, a client has to pay with the above-mentioned channel partners:

  • 7-11;
  • LBC;
  • Cebuana Lhuillier;
  • Bayad Center;
  • Robinson and SM Payment Center;
  • EC pay;
  • M Lhuillier (it has a P20 transaction charge).

Moreover, as per the creditor, if a borrower happened to have outstanding cashmart payment, he would be fined with a late fee of 500 PHP.


Loan ranger payment may occur via online banking or transferring money online to wallet. Otherwise, turn to deposit or transfer the borrowed amount to the lender’s accounts at BPI, BDO, and Security Bank, indicating the next references:


Account name: First Digital Finance Corporation

Account number: 011290007371

Branch: Adriatico – Sta. Monica


Account name: First Digital Finance Corporation

Account number: 8101 0064 77

Branch: MH Del Pilar

Security Bank:

Account name: First Digital Finance Corporation

Account number: 0000-001768-090

Branch: Adriatico

After the successful transaction, it is necessary to send proof of the operation.


This company is probably the one issuing such high amounts of loans in the Filipino credit market. There, potential clients may dare to get even up to 100,000 PHP. The due date information is barely presented until an applicant sings a contract for cooperation with the service. How to repay acom? A client should use the next channels:

  • EC Pay (7-eleven);
  • Bayad Center.

When paying, fill in the membership number that starts with 0001. This should be a number of a total of 11 digits. Then, indicate the mobile phone number. Put the exact amount and mention ACOM Consumer Finance Corporation.


After obtaining the loan disbursement, a client gets an email with instructions. To pay back the credit, use Dragon Pay branches. They are located throughout the Philippines. For example, people may find them in 7 Eleven, Cebuana, LBC, SM Payment, Robinson Payment, and Bayad Centers.


The repayment terms with interest rates will depend directly on the creditors with whom Monily works. But, the approximate due date period is up to 65 days only. And, again the regular clients will have much more privilege in obtaining higher amounts and better period terms. They can extend the due date and in some cases, may even skip a repayment.

Robocash terms of payment

Robocash online payment loans are available only for requesting of 1,000 to 20,000 PHP. But, as usual, repeated borrowers can use the opportunity to receive even 25,000 PHP credits. Besides, robocash payment methods do not differ much from the competitors but a client may always refer to the operator in the bank facility to pay the amount back. Otherwise, he should choose one of the next ways: via a debit/credit card, online banking service, through a bank account.

Moreover, robocash payment terms allow its existing clients to extend the due date period. For more information, contact the customer support service.


Up to 10,000 PHP with 16 weeks to pay the borrowing back. Be ready, the information on the repayment terms and interest rates can be discussed only after entering into an agreement with the creditor. Contact the team using a designated form or in person.


And, last but not least, Cashcat creditor. When turning to its financial help, a person may request up to 10,000 PHP and repay it in any branch of 7-Eleven. But, the details on interest rates and due dates are again available after contacting the team personally and signing a contract.