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Fast Loan Approval

The most frequently asked question about loans is how to get a loan fast approval. There are several key parameters that will help you to get the approval maximally fast. First of all, you should decide the main purpose you need the money for. Think through the needed loan amount and calculate the desired term of its repayment. Note that there are secured and unsecured types of loans.

Types of fast loan approval

The correct choice of the loan type is the first step to the fast loan approval. There are three main types of personal loans in the Philippines:

  • Secured loans. The main condition of the secured loans is the collateral. The presence of collateral makes the application process simpler. You don’t have to collect a pile of docs. The interest rate is lower and the general process of the loan taking is faster. It’s a good choice for people with the low credit history or without it at all.
  • Unsecured loans. Unlike the previous case, these loans don’t require collateral. The result- higher interest rate, screening process, and the requirement of the good credit history.
  • Loans for OFWs. Loans available to overseas Filipino workers. These loans are also divided into secured and unsecured types.

How to get a loan?


Set amount and due date


Sign the Contract


Fill in a form


Get approved and Get money

Why us?

Flexible repayment term
In case of unforeseen circumstances through no fault of the borrower, BINIXO Lending offers prolongation of repayment on a case to case basis.
We are fast
Money will be sent immediately after the approval. We appreciate your time, so all transactions are done 100% online, allowing you to send a request and get the money without leaving home.
Transparent costs
With the full cost shown up front, use the calculator to count fees applied before making decision.

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credit history

Why is credit history important?

Speaking shortly – a good credit history is a key to success. The majority of modern lenders rely on the information about your previous credits. It helps them to evaluate your solvency and reliability. In case of having a good credit history, you will get the fastest loan approval. Moreover, you will be asked much fewer questions and required fewer documents. All borrowers are searching for the reliable lending companies and banks. Same is for companies. They want to make sure that the borrower is eligible to take the loan and pay it timely. If you have a good credit history, Binixo is ready to give you a weekend loans online.

bad credit history

What if I have a bad credit history?

Even if you have a bad credit history – don’t despair! In such case, you still can take a loan now. Most probably, the process of its taking will be more difficult but you can do it. Many banks and companies, in this case, require additional documents and checks. In addition to this, you may not get fast approval loan in the Philippines. To simplify the process, you can choose the company that doesn’t check the credit history. Otherwise, you can submit all the requirements early and increase chances to get fast approval loan.

right reason

Choose the right reason

Two main rules to remember to get fast loan approval online are:

  • Never apply for several loans at the same time;
  • Choose the right reason for borrowing money.

If the first rule seems obvious, let’s consider the second one. When applying for the loan it’s desirable to provide a lender with really “worthy” reasons why you need this money. A lot of borrowers lend money for “super-necessary” things such as new smartphone but can’t pay their bills.

Philippine lenders

Philippine lenders

With so wide range of online lending platforms and banks, it’s quite difficult to make a choice. To avoid frauds and unmentioned payments, check all the conditions of the contract. Some companies offer quickens loan approval in the Philippines but don’t mention the additional payments. In order not be surprised, check all the pros and cons of the company. Read the reviews and only then make a final decision.

Binixo services

Binixo. TOP services and offers

Binixo is the leading Philippine lending platform. We offer fast loan approval in the Philippines. All stages of our work are fully transparent. All fees and payments are mentioned in the contract. We provide our clients with the first-class lending services. If you are aimed at getting the loan fast approval in the Philippines, we are here to help you. Beneficial offers and reliable collaboration is that we offer to each our client. We have types of loans for everyone from personal loans to loans for pensioners.

    General requirements for borrower:
  • Person must be over 18 years of age and be a citizen of Philippines.

    Loan interest:
  • Depending on the lender, interest rate can vary: per day from 0.8% to 2%, APR(annual percentage rate) from 10.5% to 71%.

  • Credit amount is 20 000 PHP for 30 days, full payout amount is 26,000 PHP.
  • These values ​​are approximate and may vary depending on the conditions of the lender.