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Personal Loans

Money for everything. Fast loans without leaving the home.

New car or watch, dress or jewelry, it doesn’t matter for what purpose you need money, no company is interested in it, you can buy a raccoon or go to Thailand, by making a loan online you will not face with any problems. To take easy personal loans you don’t have even get out of bed. Take your smartphone or laptop and visit the website of organization. There you will have to fill the form with your application for the loan. Agree with offered terms, note the conditions of the loan contract and wait for the call. Employees of the company will notify when you are ready to take your money. The whole procedure may take from five minutes to half an hour. As you can see, borrowing money online is easy.

How to choose easy personal loans?

When choosing the reliable lending company, you will never have any problems with the personal loans. But how to choose it? What are the main aspects to take into account? Binixo company is one of the leading in easy loan nowadays and here are the main reasons why we are the best:

  • Fast application. You can spend some minutes when applying for the personal loan in the Philippines with the lowest interest. Fill the application form and get your money after the approval.
  • Fast approval. With the Binixo service, you will not have to wait several days to get the approval. Your application will be approved during a day after that you can get your money. We are also a good choice if you need the personal loan sure approval in the Philippines.
  • Transparency. All Binixo’s services, cost, and fees are fully transparent. Use our calculator to count all fees and costs when applying for loan.

How to get a loan?


Set amount and due date


Sign the Contract


Fill in a form


Get approved and Get money

Why us?

Flexible repayment term
In case of unforeseen circumstances through no fault of the borrower, BINIXO Lending offers prolongation of repayment on a case to case basis.
We are fast
Money will be sent immediately after the approval. We appreciate your time, so all transactions are done 100% online, allowing you to send a request and get the money without leaving home.
Transparent costs
With the full cost shown up front, use the calculator to count fees applied before making decision.

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Easy Personal Loans

Personal loan. Why you need it.

How many times have you thought about that lovely dress on sale? Tickets to the places you’ve never been? Pleasant trifles you didn’t buy? In our life, there were and will be a lot of moments when we deny ourselves in one or another purchase. We continue dreaming about it or try to convince ourselves that we don’t need it. But we live only once and maybe we deserve to make this life unforgettable? Nowadays in the epoch of the newest technologies and the Internet, we can change our lives in a minute. For example, take a personal loan and pleasure ourselves with that so long-awaited purchase. The list of reasons to take the personal loan in the Philippines can be endless. So, choose yours and stop denying yourself in everything. Let’s consider the main moments of taking this type of fast loan.

Advantages of the personal loan

Advantages of the personal loan

Have you already decided to take a personal loan or still in doubt? Regardless of this, the loan’s advantages are too important not to mention them. So, let’s consider the main of them. Maybe, it will be the last fact that’ll influence your decision. First of all, if you want to get the lowest interest, the personal loan is a great choice. In comparison with other loans, this one is the most affordable. Best personal loan in the Philippines can be taken in three TOP banks. When we say best we mean the salary loans with the lowest rate. So, the most popular personal loan lenders are Maybank, BPI, and BDO. Let’s see what they offer.

  • Maybank offers 1.30% monthly interest rate;
  • BPI offers 1.20% monthly interest rate;
  • BDO offers 1.30% monthly interest rate.

If compare with other banks’ offers, you’ll see that these rates are the lowest.

get personal loan

How can you get the personal loan?

The first step when you decided to take low interest personal loan is to choose a bank. Compare the interest rates offered and choose the best option for you. After that, it’s time for collecting the documents. In different banks, the requirements for documents are different, although some are similar. The main thing you should note here is that the documents are different for overseas workers, self-employed, and employee. Choose the list of requirements that corresponds to your situation.

loan amount

What about loan amount?

The next step after choosing the personal loan lenders in the Philippines is to choose the needed loan amount. The question “how much can I get?” is one of the most popular today. The loan amount is different in different banks. For example, BDO offers from PHP 10 000 to PHP 1 000 000. BPI offers from PHP 20 000 to PHP 1 000 000. And if you chose Maybank, you’ll be offered from PHP 50 000 to PHP 1 000 000. Check this parameter when choosing a bank. All banks offer different loan amounts and different loan terms. At BDO you can take a loan for 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 months. BPI offers terms of 12, 18, 24, 30, 36 months. And Maybank offers 12, 18, 24 or 36 months. To simplify this procedure, you should use the personal loan calculator. With it, you can sort out which loan amount and for which period you are able to take.

personal loan approval

How long is the personal loan approval?

The one more popular question is about personal loan without credit card sure approval in the Philippines. If you want to get the fast approval you should carefully collect all the documents required. When you fit all the lender’s requirements, the term of approval will be maximally short. Depending on the bank or company you chose, the term of personal loan approval may vary from 24 hours to 3-5 days. When applying for the personal loans online you can get the approval in less than 24 hours. After the approval, you immediately get your money amount.

    General requirements for borrower:
  • Person must be over 18 years of age and be a citizen of Philippines.

    Loan interest:
  • Depending on the lender, interest rate can vary: per day from 0.8% to 2%, APR(annual percentage rate) from 10.5% to 71%.

  • Credit amount is 20 000 PHP for 30 days, full payout amount is 26,000 PHP.
  • These values ​​are approximate and may vary depending on the conditions of the lender.