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Cash Advance

Simplest way to get money fast. All secrets about loans.

There are a lot of situations when we need money. And at the most of these situations we need money fast. The simplest way to receive cash in advance is a loan. The main thing here is to do everything right and follow certain steps which will help you to receive money. Let’s see what these steps or “secrets of successful loans” are:

  • First and foremost, you need to go to a website and fill in the application form.
  • After sending a form online you have to sign the document with all conditions and terms of the contract.
  • Your application will be proceeded during around two days, so you have to wait.
  • At the end when you receive a call or message from the lending company you can go to office and get your loan in cash there.

How to get a loan?


Indicate the amount and term


Fill out an online application


Choose the best offer


Get confirmation and money

Why us?

24/7 lending
No checking documents or income at any time of the day.
Convenient and easy
Choose the best offer and the way to receive money. Binixo will save you time looking for lenders on your own.
No commission
Binixo does not charge any fees. The selection of personal offers is free. We deal with trusted companies only.

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Cash advance

Cash advance. Spend ten minutes and get your money.

Probably nowadays the cash advance is the fastest and simplest way to get the needed amount of money. You can get the money from your credit card at the nearest ATM or get it in the nearest bank branch. The whole process of borrowing money in such way will take you less than ten minutes. Among all exacting nowadays possibilities of borrowing money, this one is the fastest. This is the main reason why it is often used for emergency cases. Binixo guarantees that fast loans are reliable, efficient and secure.

Main pros and cons of cash advance

Main pros and cons of cash advance

Among the main advantage of this way of borrowing money is its speed. You simply take your card and go to the nearest ATM. Insert the card into the machine and in some minute the needed cash amount is in your pocket. However, the cash advances have the disadvantages also. The main one is that the interest rate is much higher. From the moment you took your money from the ATM, your interest rate starts being calculated. Nevertheless, if you need money here and now, this is the wisest decision.

get the cash advance

How can I get the cash advance?

So, we sorted out what is cash advance. Let’s see how you can get it ASAP. Many banks offer to get the money after filling the cash advance request form. After sending the application filled you get your cash advance PIN. With this code, you are able either to withdraw money at ATM or to get it at the bank. The process of filling the form is simple. You don’t need any documents and certificates. Enter your credit card number, your date of birth, and the expiry date of a card. In some minutes you’ll receive a password. As you may have noticed emergency loans in the Philippines, it’s not so difficult to get.

main requirements

What are the main requirements?

The requirements to the cash advance are same as when you applying for a credit card. No special information and documents needed. As for the basic credit card, you should be at least twenty-one years old, be a Filipino citizen, and have at least one year of employment. Without these requirements, you won’t get the credit card. So, if you have it already, all you should do is to fill the cash advance form. Your request will be verified in the shortest time period. No special requirements and checks needed.

How much can I borrow

How much can I borrow?

For the majority of the credit cards in the Philippines, you can borrow from PHP 300 to PHP 600. Also, you should note that in case of making the over-the-counter transaction in a bank you will have to pay the additional fee. In the most cases, this fee is equal to PHP 500. Although, the credit limit and fees may vary depending on which bank services you use. The main cash advance meaning is that you are able to borrow money from your bank using your credit card only. Check carefully all conditions of the contract when withdrawing the money. Often, the interest rate is quite high. When you take a personal loan, interest is stipulated in advance and remains unchanged without hidden fees.

Main advantages of Binixo’s help

Main advantages of Binixo’s help

Using the Binixo’s services you can get your cash advance in the shortest time period. In addition to this, the interest rate offered is comparably low. You don’t have to explain to us why you need money. For us, it doesn’t matter if you take a student loan or whatever. We will always provide you with quality service. Moreover, you don’t have to collect pile of docs to get the money. Send us your request for cash advance and we will send you PIN. You can withdraw money from the ATM or take it at our office. Satisfaction of your needs is our task.

General requirements for borrower:

Between 21 and 50 years old

A Filipino citizen with a valid home address in Philippines

Loan interest:

The conditions may vary depending on a lending company and active promotions. Short term loans usually have payment period up to 12 months in one payment of installments. The interest rate can be as low as 0%. Here is an example of one of the offers listed on binixo.ph:

Loan amount - Up to 25,000 PHP Personal Loan

Loan interest rate - (as low as) 1.5% a month

Loan Term - 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and up to 12 months

Processing Fee - 6% of loan amount

Notarial Fee – fixed Php 200 per loan account

For example, consider a 10,000 PHP loan which must be repaid after three month, plus 1.5% per months, plus a 6% processing fee. If the 600 PHP (6%) fee is considered, the monthly interest increases by 6% (600PHP/10,000), and the effective APR becomes approximately 138%. In other words, borrowing through this offer 10,000 PHP for 3 months you'll need to pay back 11,050 PHP.

CONSUMER ADVISORY: Binixo is a loan matching service. Upon application approval, a direct lender will require further information from you which will be collected after we transfer you to their website or they may contact you via phone or email. We only work with direct lenders approved and certified by the financial regulator.

ASSOCIATED FEES: Loan terms, conditions and policies vary by lender and applicant qualifications. Not all applicants will be approved for their requested loan amounts or advertised interest rates. Loan repayment periods vary by lender and applicant qualifications also.

WARNING: Late or missed loan payments may be subject to increased fees and interest rates and can cause you serious money problems. Lenders may use collection services for non-payment of loans.

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: Loans available to over - 21s only, subject to status. Not all borrowers will qualify for a loan, the operator of this website does not engage in any direct consumer lending, we simply provide a FREE loan matching service to the public.

REPRESENTATIVE EXAMPLE: You apply for PHP 20,000 and choose comfortable repayment over 6 month, your monthly payment will be only PHP 5,000 per month, so your total cost of the loan will be PHP 1,667 per month (APR = 143%). Refer to Terms & Conditions of a Lending Operator to understand the full product details.

**All applications will be subject to credit checks and affordability assessments in line with responsible lending.

***Once approved, your cash could be in your account in minutes. The time that it takes for the cash to be received in your account will depend on your bank’s policies and procedures.

****There are different companies on the market and some websites are operated by bad actors. Beware of scams! Binixo services are FREE. Never our employees or anyone associated with Binixo will require you to pay any fees.