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UCPB LogoMany of us used to call this bank UCPB, but the whole its name is United Coconut Planters Bank. This bank enters the twenty advanced banks in Philippines nowadays. It is a popular private bank which offers wide range of different financial and banking services. In this article we will tell you about ucpb history, its ownership and branches. Also here you will be able to find important information about the ATMs of UCPB and the ucpb banking hours. It doesn’t matter, whether you are a UCPB client, or not, this article will provide you with all necessary information about the work of this Bank. We are going to start from the bank’s history.

History of the UCPB Bank

UCPB bank started its existence in the year 1963 and at that times it was the first united bank in the whole Philippines area. It was quite small commercial bank and had only four local branches. The official sort form of the bank’s name was “Coconut Bank” and many of Filipinos still call it so. However, this name was not for so long (in 1980s-1990s) and in some years “United Coconut Planters Bank” became the official name of the bank. Great changes started in the year of 1990 when UCPB together with such banks as BDO (at that time it was called Equitable Banking Corporation), BPI (at that time it was called Far East Bank and Trust Company) and PNB Bank created the global interbank network in Philippines which was called MegaLink. It started to grow rapidly and today it is one of the three largest bank networks in this area. Nowadays UCPB bank is popular not only in Philippines but in other countries too and beside providing customers with financial services, it is involved in many charity and social development projects.

Number of ucpb branches according to the latest data is equal to 188 branches, while the number of ATMs is equal to 279. Many of them are located in European countries and its number is still increasing. UCPB head office is located in Makati, Philippines.

ucpb head office
UCPB Main Offices, 7907 Makati Avenue, Makati City, Philippines

Ownership of the UCPB Bank

Being today one of the advanced banks in Philippine Islands area, UCPB bank is considered to be private, but actually due to the information from the mass media, main ucpb owner is government of Philippines, which hold more than seventy percent of all Bank’s shares (72.2%).

Main branches and ATMs of the UCPB

Today the number of United Coconut Planters Bank’s branches is equal to 188 but according to the latest information, this number is going to be increased soon. Majority of the Bank’s branches work from Monday till Friday. As a rule, ucpb office hours are from 09.00am till 05.00pm, but some branches has extended working hours and are opened till 07.00pm. Also there are some branches that work on Saturdays. On the official website of the UCPB Bank you can find locator to find the closest to your home ucpb atm or branch. You need to enter your city and system will show you list of the nearest ATM or branch of a bank, depending on what you need. It will significantly save your time and help you to find information about not only location, but working hours also.

UCPB contact numbers

UCPB hotline number
(+632) 811-9111

For general concerns
(02) 811-9111

For ATM concerns
(02) 811-9292

Auto Loans, Home Loans, Personal and Salary Loans
(02) 811-9100

For Corporate Availments of Collections
(02) 811-9191

Head Office
(02) 811-9000

Useful links

UCPB branch locator  –  www.ucpb.com/branches
UCPB online banking  –  www.ucpb.biz/ibs/index_retail.jsp
Official website  –  www.ucpb.com
Official Facebook Page  –  facebook.com/UCPB.Connect

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