Philippine National Bank

Philippine National Bank

PNB LogoThe main competitor of Bank of Philippine Islands, one of the largest bank in Philippines, one of the most favorite banks of Filipinos- all this about Philippine National Bank or PNB as the majority of people used to call it. If you plan to use various financial services offered by the bank or still doubting which bank to choose, this article is exactly what you need. Here we will consider main information about the Philippine National Bank, including main stages of pnb history, ownership, ATMs and branches and other important info as well. Let’s start our review from the history of one of the top bank in the Philippines nowadays.

Main moments of the Philippine National Bank history

One of the most well- known banks in Philippines was created in the year of 1916 and was owned by the Philippines government. The main purpose of creation the bank was to provide the main branches of the Philippines of with different financial services. For the first time doors of the Philippine National Bank were opened on July 22 in Manila, Philippines. The first pnb Philippines branch was established in the year of 1916 in Iloilo. After this PNB starts developing rapidly and establish its branch in New York (1917 year) and in Shanghai, China (1918 year). Also in the year of 1918 five local branches of the Philippine National Bank were opened. As we already mention, firstly PNB was owned by government and only in the year of 1989 it became privatized when the thirty percent of all its stocks were given to a public. After this a new era of Philippine National Bank started and in 1992 it became the first bank in the Philippine area which has reached the p100 billion mark in its assets.

Nowadays PNB is one of the most popular banks in Philippines and occupies the first position by its remittance business overseas. You can also get easy personal loans in any part of the world.  Today its remittance centers are located in such countries as Canada, France, Italy, Japan, United States, and in other countries located in the Middle East.

Main branches and ATMs of the Philippine National Bank

Nowadays PNB is one of the leading bank with the wide range of financial services for the different needs. PNB head office is located in Pasay City, Philippines and pnb owner is LT Group, Inc. The number of its depositors has reached two million and continue growth. The number of pnb branches and ATMs doesn’t stop growing. Due to the information on the official website of the Bank, the number of its branches is equal to 344, among that 331 are located in Philippines and 13 branches are located overseas. For the most convenient search of the nearest pnb atm we recommend you to use ATM locator.

When can I visit PNB’s branch?

Philippine National Bank is opened five days a week and you can visit it from Monday to Friday according to pnb banking hours from 9.00am till 4.00pm. On Saturday and Sunday Philippine National Bank is closed. For the most updated information about the pnb office hours we recommend you to check the official website of the Bank, because on holidays there may be some changes.

Philippine National Bank
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