PNB Bank Credit Cards

PNB Credit Cards

PNB or Philippine National Bank is the most famous bank organization in Philippines. IF you are searching for the trustable and reliable bank, this one will be a perfect choice. In this article we will consider all steps how to apply for pnb credit card, sort out all requirements for its application, benefits and advantages for the card owners and much more. If you decided to use services of the most popular bank in Philippines and apply for its credit card, in this article you will find all necessary information and answers for all your question. First of all, let’s consider the main requirements for the credit card application.

What are the main requirements for the PNB credit card?

As a rule, in applying for the credit card, especially if apply for the card of such well known bank as Philippine National Bank, there is nothing difficult. The main thing is that prior to start filling the application form you should carefully read all bank’s requirements and check whether you correspond them or not. Among the main pnb credit card requirements are following:

  • Your monthly income shouldn’t be less than ten thousand pesos
  • You must be a Filipino or a Philippine Resident
  • Your age should be less than sixty-five years and more than twenty-one year
  • You should be employed during at least one year
  • Or you should be self-employed during at least two years.

In addition to requirements for the pnbcards there is also a list of necessary documents for applying the credit card. Among these documents are:

If you are self-employed, you need:

  • Copy of registration papers
  • or SEC
  • or Income Tax Return (latest)
  • or Audited Financial Statement (latest one).

If you are employed, you need:

  • Certificate of Employment (with the date when you were hired, your position and income)
  • Payrolls (for the latest three months)
  • Income Tax Return (latest one).

As you can see the list of documents necessary for the philippine national bank credit card is not long and scary as well as the list of the main requirements. Just check whether you meet all these requirements or not, and if yes, collect all the necessary documents very attentively.

How can I apply for the credit pnb card?

The next step which you should perform to get the pnb credit card is apply for it. Thanks to the modern technologies which don’t stop developing, nowadays you can apply for pnb credit card online without leaving your home. You need only access to the Internet and around half an hour of your free time. Such opportunity to apply for pnb credit card online helps to save your time greatly, just imagine how much time you would spend if you waited in the long and boring queue in the bank. So, take your laptop and find the official website of the Philippines National Bank. On the website you will find the online application form where you have to enter all necessary information together with your personal data. When filled this form, check the data attentively. Each mistake in your name or any other fields can become a reason for bank to decline your application. When you checked all your entered data and you are sure that everything is all right, then you have to accept the terms and conditions of this contract and send it. After that in one or two weeks the bank employee will call you or send you an email with the bank response for your application. If your application was confirmed and any problems didn’t occur, you are ready to get your pnb card in any bank branch.

Types of the PNB credit cards

PNB MasterCard Platinum
Card #1: PNB Platinum MasterCard. This credit card gives you an opportunity to make all your dreams come true.

PNB MasterCard Essentials
Card #2: PNB Essentials MasterCard. If you need the credit card for your daily needs, you will hardly find better option than this one. Enjoy unlimited discounts for shopping, travelling and entertainment.

PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles MasterCard
Card #3: PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles MasterCard. Collect miles each time when you spend thirty-three pesos and exchange them to gifts, vouchers and discounts. This is one of the most popular credit cards among PNB customers.

PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles Platinum MasterCard
Card #4: PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles Platinum MasterCard. This card gives you an opportunity to enjoy deals and discounts as well as receive various gifts for purchasing wherever you are. Enjoy your lifestyle and make it simpler with this credit card.

PNB Visa
Card #5: PNB Visa. This card will help you to manage all your payments starting from the regular ones and finishing with the last-minute decisions. Pay for your purchase with this card and enjoy discounts and other benefits from PNB.

We all are different and have different needs, but if use services of PNB you will definitely get what you want.

PNB Bank Credit Cards
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