How to get Paternity Leave in the Philippines

paternity leave Philippines 2019

The birth of a child in the family is an important event. Many families plan the whole process in advance. Of course, the mother is a key figure in childbirth. The father of the unborn child also plays an important role before and after birth. How can a spouse help his wife? There are many nuances and tasks that need to address to a father. Paternity leave sss is a great help for the family. You can make your wife’s life much easier. So what is paternity leave sss in 2019? Let’s check this out!

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What is a Paternity Leave sss? 👨‍💼

This is a kind of vacation for a seven-day period. During this time, the husband can help his spouse in caring for the baby. A man can rely on seniority and full wages during this vacation. There are strict seven-day sss paternity leave requirements for each man:

  • Marriage must be registered;
  • You should live together as a family/partners;
  • SSS paternity leave available only at birth or miscarriage;
  • The procedure is available only for the first four pregnancies or miscarriages;
  • The man is obliged to notify the employer before the birth process (the rule does not work in case of miscarriage).

That’s the whole list of sss paternity leave requirements in Philippines. To get this benefit, you need to work at the current location for about 26 weeks. Maternity leave is issued 15 weeks before the expected birth. The procedure is available only if the man is the biological father of the child. You should read the paternity leave requirements sss before the birth process. This information must be recalled and observed all the recommendations of the state.

What’s the actual paternity leave sss period in 2019? ⏳

Men can count on seven days for child care. It’s a real sss paternity leave benefits for each family. This rule applies to every pregnancy. According to the Filipino legislation, a man has 60 days after his child born. It is necessary to strictly follow the rules for filing documents. You can also divide seven days into different periods before and after pregnancy. It helps to distribute responsibilities between wife and husband. As a rule, employers are loyal to this process. Basically, it’s your decision how to compute paternity leave in sss. It’s easier to take all seven days at a time.

How to File for SSS Paternity Leave? 📃

Fill out an Paternity Leave Form

Here are special sss paternity leave requirements in Philippines you should follow:

  1. Inform your HR department. Tell about the pregnancy period and the future birth date;
  2. Write down all the information in a special Paternity Notification Form;
  3. Send a marriage paper copy to your HR. It’s important. Your boss may ask you to bring some proof. Consult your doctor about it.

Don’t’ be afraid. It’s a normal practice for paternity leave sss for the Philippines in 2019. After the whole process, you will need to provide a birth certificate or a confirmation of miscarriage. These are mandatory conditions. Consider that different employers have their own terms. You need to consult with the personnel department. This will help to formalize all actions legally. All steps are easy to follow.

Is Paternity Leave sss in 2019 Convertible to Cash? 🤑

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Unfortunately, the sss paternity leave form doesn’t require financial benefits. The father of the child can only count on 7 days of paid vacation. The legislation does not provide for additional payments. Seven days cannot be transferred to the second pregnancy. It is worth considering in advance. Use this information to properly allocate family resources. You can also use a fast cash loan if you need money. It will help solve current financial difficulties.


What If an Employer Refuses to Give me my Paternity Benefit? 🙅‍♂️

Various misunderstandings are possible. You need to bring all the information to your employer. The personnel department should help with this problem. You can use the tips below to solve your problem. That’s how to avail paternity leave right in sss legally:

List of actions in case of any problems Legal result or consequences
Conversation with the personnel department. It will help in case of a simple misunderstanding.
Write a detailed paper and send it to your boss. A written document has value. This is a more weighty argument in court.
Contact the (DOLE) or call 1349 to describe your actual problem. Your employer will be against the law.

Your boss cannot forbid paternity leave

Your employer must comply with the law. This rule applies to private organizations and state-owned enterprises. You should always know your rights. Remember the whole information how to file paternity leave in sss. As a rule, all employers do not interfere with the legal requirements of employees. You can rely on compliance with all legal regulations in most cases. This is a normal practice for the Philippines.

Conclusions and recommendations 👍

The birth of a child is an important and responsible process. Prospective parents should approach this matter responsibly before paternity leave in Philippines sss. Follow the directions listed above to inform your employer. You can count on a seven-day paid period. Unfortunately, the legislation does not provide for additional material incentives. You need to save a certain amount of money to provide your child with everything necessary.

In some situations, money may not be enough. But do not panic. The situation can be resolved quickly. You can ask for financial help. Use a loan calculator to calculate the required amount of a financial loan. You can count on the minimum interest rate. It will help to provide the mother and child with everything they need.

How to get Paternity Leave in the Philippines
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