metrobank logoBeing one of the leading banks in the Philippines and the main competitor of the Bank of the Philippine Islands, Metrobank simply can’t stay in a shadow. Nowadays this bank is considered as one of the main banks in the Philippines area. It provides the whole range of financial services and the number of its customers continue increasing. It is one of the financial giants in the financial world of Philippines. In this article we will consider the main stages of metrobank history, its ownership and tell you all the necessary information about its branches, ATMs and banking hours. Let’s start our review from the foundation and history of Metrobank.

History of the Metrobank

Being well known today as Metrobank, one of the leading banks in Philippines was founded in the year of 1962 by a group of businessmen. The main their aim was to create a financial institution to provide various financial services to Filipino-Chinese community. The first branch of the Metrobank was opened in 1963 and was local and then, continuing its developing, Metrobank created its branches not only in Philippines but in other countries also. According to the historical notes, the first international branch of the Metrobank was opened in 1970 in Taipei. In three years, the first international office of the bank appeared in Hong Kong. Developing of the Metorbank didn’t stop and nowadays the metrobank head office is located in Makati, Philippines, while the list of its branches consists around 980 branches, among which are both domestic (nine hundred and fifty) and thirty-two foreign branches. Due to the latest information, the number of metrobank ATMs has reached 2300 and new ATMs continue to appear in different parts of the Philippines.

Ownership of the Metrobank

The ownership of one of the top banks in Philippines is divided the following way:

  • The largest part of Bank’s shares belongs to public stock (37.5%).
  • Smaller part of its shares belongs to metrobank owner George S.K. Ty and PCD Nominee Corporation (18.2% and 17.9% respectively).
  • The owners of the smallest part of Metrobank’s shares are Federal Homes: Philippine Securities Corporation Mary Vy Ty Metrobank directors and Metrobank officers (7.5%, 7.5%, 6.4%, 3.7%, 0.003% respectively).

metrobank atm

Main branches and ATMs of the Metrobank

We have already mentioned that the number of metrobank branches is more than nine hundred. Today you can find branches of this financial giant not only in Philippines, but also in London, Seoul, Tokyo, Taichung, Shanghai and Nanjing. The bank also provides loans online Philippines. The number of Bank’s ATMs is around 2300 and for the most convenient search we recommend you to use special Branch/ATM locator on the official website of Metrobank, where you will be able to find the nearest branch of the bank or its ATM.

When can I visit Metrobank’s branch?

Metrobank is one of the few banks that work seven days a week. On the official website the metrobank banking hours are:

  • from 8.00am till 8.00pm (Monday-Friday),
  • from 8.00am till 6.00pm (Saturday),
  • from 11.00am till 5.00pm (Sunday and holidays).

Among the advantages of the bank are not only metrobank office hours, but also the fact that they are opened seven days a week and 362 days a year. This financial giant is always ready to help!

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