Metrobank Credit Cards

Metrobank Credit Cards

Today you will hardly find a person with a great sum of cash money in the pocket or wallet. The majority of us got used to credit cards, use of which is much simpler and in addition to this you have an opportunity to get different discounts and deals. The main thing when applying for the credit card is to choose the reliable bank. In this article we are going to speak about the Metrobank which is one of the most popular and reliable banks in Philippines. We will sort out how to get the metrobank credit card, which requirements you should meet for this, how to pay metrobank credit card and which benefits it will give you.

What are the main requirements for applying the credit card?

If you made the right decision and decided to choose the Metrobank, then the first thing you should notice before considering how to apply for credit card in metrobank is to sort out all requirements. If compare with other banks in Philippines, Metrobanks’s requirements are not so strict. Among the most important of them are:

  • You need to prove your identification. To do this you have to provide at least two identifications which are valid.
  • You need to prove your income. Way of proving your income depends on the type of your employment.

For example, for employed people it is necessary to provide their certificate of employment and enter the details of any other credit card.

For self-employed people it will be enough to provide copy of Securities and Exchange commission or the copy of Department of Trade and Industry registration. Also they have to enter the details of any other credit card.

For foreigner people, who are not citizens of Philippines among the main requirements are to provide a copy of their visa, copy of Immigrant’s Certificate of residence and Alien Certificate of registration.

There is nothing special and difficult in requirements for the metrobank credit card application, people who have never had problems with documents and employment will be able to apply for this credit card easily.

How can I apply for the Metrobank credit card?

People, who meet all requirements listed above have all rights to apply for the metrobank credit card online without spending their time by standing in the bank queue. To get the credit card you need to fill in the application on the website of the bank. Let’s consider your necessary actions step by step.

Go to the official website of the Metrobank. Find the online application for the credit card.

  • First of all, when you open the application form you have to choose which type of the credit card you want to get. Different types of Metrobank’s credit cards will be considered later. Choose the desired one among available in the list.
  • Now you are ready to fill in the form. When you will be entering the necessary info, and especially your personal data, please, check the correctness of the entered data, because each your mistake can be a reason for the bank to decline your application for the metro bank credit card.
  • When you filled the application and checked the correctness of the personal data, you should to confirm terms and conditions offered by the bank.
  • Ok, everything is ready and the one thing you have to do now is to send your application form. Click “next” button and wait for the response.

In the most cases you have to wait around one or two weeks for the final response from the bank. When everything will be ready the bank employee calls you or send an email about the final decision about your application. If your application was confirmed, you will be ready to get your metrobank visa credit card in any branch of the bank.

What are the main types of the Metrobank credit cards?

We have already mentioned about different types of credit cards offered by Metrobank. Let’s consider advantages of each of them and requirements to get it.

Card 1: Metrobank Gold MasterCard. This premium card offered by Metrobank gives you an opportunity to use the different discounts for shopping, travelling and entertainment. It will be a perfect choice for people with active lifestyle who don’t like to sit at home.

Metrobank M Lite MasterCard
Card 2: Metrobank M Lite MasterCard. With this card you will be able to get gifts and unique discounts from partners of the program. Metrobank cash advance and many other opportunities are available. It is an excellent card to spend your finances wisely.

Metrobank M Free MasterCard
Card 3: Metrobank M Free MasterCard. With this card you will be able to get rid of the annual fees. Enjoy the benefits of the deals and discounts for your everyday life.

Metrobank Classic Card
Card 4: Metrobank Classic Card. Earn points when paying with this credit card (one point for each twenty pesos spent) and change these points for gifts and discounts! This card is protected from the fraud with the special embedded chip.

Metrobank Femme Visa
Card 5: Metrobank Femme Visa. None woman can resist the advantages and benefits of this credit card. Being created specially for women, this card gives you an amazing discount and deals for beauty services and shopping. With this Metrobank card you can stay beautiful always.

Metrobank Dollar MasterCard
Card 6: Metrobank Dollar MasterCard. If you often make dollar transactions, then this card is exactly what you need. With this card from metrobank you will be able to perform all US dollar transactions fast and easily.

Metrobank ON Internet MasterCard
Card 7: Metrobank ON Internet MasterCard. This is the best card for making purchases and pay for different services online. It will help your online shopping more secure and protect you from the online fraud.

Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa
Card 8: Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa. Can’t imagine your life without travelling? Then this card is for you! Unlimited discounts in all countries all over the world, free insurance of your travel and opportunity to collect miles for every seventeen pesos spent abroad. Excellent choice for travelers with lot of opportunities.

Choose your ideal credit card and enjoy all benefits of using the Metrobank’s services!

Metrobank Credit Cards
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  1. I applied a credit card to a surigao metrobank,surigao city they did not approve because of my work being a soldier and one of your clerk say that the soldier is one of those on the list who can not apply for a credit card. i ask a question sir/madam the soldier is not really authorize to apply a credit card on your bank or any bank?

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