Maternity benefits SSS [Complete Guide]

sss maternity benefits

After a consistent vote, the Senate affirmed the much anticipated 120-day maternity leave bill on its third and last perusing. Also there would be personal loans for the unemployed.

The Senate Bill 1305, or the Expanded Maternity Leave Law of 2017, once go into law it will permit female specialists, paying little respect to common status or her kid’s authenticity, 120 days of maternity leave with pay. Itโ€™s a real sss maternity benefits.

PhilHealth Maternity Benefit agenda ๐Ÿ‘Œ

The Philhealth Maternity’s advantages will likely “guarantee a solid pregnancy, wellbeing of the conveyance and great strength of the infant,” covering the pre-birth, conveyance, and post-natal consideration period.

sss maternity leave

  • If you’re wanting to apply for Philhealth maternity benefits, you should ensure that your PhilHealth Member Data Record is refreshed and your Claim shape is rounded out.
  • Additional records that might be required, for example, marriage endorsements, official receipts, and confirmations of recognizable proof.
  • It’s likewise essential to make sure to have this done inside 60 days after your healing center release date.
  • For utilized individuals, the necessity is to have made somewhere around three (3) months of commitments inside the half year preceding availment. Itโ€™s good sss benefits for maternity.
  • As for separately paying individuals, nine (9) months of commitments ought to have been made inside the year going before availment.
  • OFW or supported individuals can profit of this advantage inasmuch as the availment date still falls inside the time of their enrollment’s legitimacy.
  • The Maternity Care Package (MCP) incorporates wellbeing administrations amid all through pregnancy and conveyance, and also follow-up visits inside 3 days to multi week after conveyance.
  • According to the PhilHealth site, the MCP, when profited of in one of their authorize healing centers, adds up to P6,500. Donโ€™t forget you can take 1 Hour Payday Loans if needed.
  • For licensed birthing homes, maternity facilities, hospitals, or dispensaries, the inclusion will be up to P8,000. Itโ€™s a fine option for a maternity leave sss.
  • It’s vital, PhilHealth accentuates, to have pre-natal registration as right on time as could be expected under the circumstances, ensuring you have had no less than four (4) pre-natal discussions all through one’s pregnancy to guarantee a protected conveyance.
  • The in-healing center availment of the Normal Spontaneous Delivery Package (NSD) is worth P5,000.
  • There can also be 1-hour payday loans.
  • If benefited in certify birthing homes, maternity facilities, hospitals or dispensaries, the NSD bundle is worth P6,500 (the best sss maternity leave option).

SSS Maternity Benefit agenda ๐Ÿ‘

maternity benefits sss

The SSS maternity benefit was made so as to encourage pregnant ladies, who are dynamic individuals from the SSS, through “a day by day money stipend allowed to a female part who can’t work, because of labor or unnatural birth cycle.”

  • To fit the bill for the SSS Maternity advantage, you probably paid something like three (3) month to month commitments inside the year time frame promptly going before the semester of her labor or unnatural birth cycle. Itโ€™s a matter of how long to claim sss maternity benefits.
  • You should likewise have “given the required warning of her pregnancy through her ER whenever utilized, or specifically to the SSS, if a SE or VM or Member Separated from Employment.”
  • SSS considers a half year a semester (January to June and July to December).
  • A quarter is three (3) sequential months in a year.
  • Before availment, you have to present a cultivated Maternity Notification Form or the SSS.

SSS Maternity Computation ๐Ÿ“ฑ

sss maternity computation

The sss maternity computation has several stages:

Stage 1: Know when is your conveyance date.

Stage 2: Exclude the semester of possibility. (In light of the day of conveyance, labor or unnatural birth cycle)

Now we will talk about sss maternity reimbursement. To get the semester of possibility, you need to know the quarter and semester:

A quarter implies the three (3) sequential months finishing off with March, June, September or December.

  • Quarter 1: January to March
  • Quarter 2: April to June
  • Quarter 3: July to September
  • Quarter 4: October to December

A semester implies two (2) continuous quarters finishing on your conceivable date of conveyance for maternity benefits.

  • Quarters 1 and 2
  • Quarters 2 and 3
  • Quarters 3 and 4
  • Quarters 4 and 1

Stage 3: The main sss maternity benefits requirements. Count a year in reverse beginning from the month prior to the semester of possibility.

Since your semester of possibility is from July 2018 to December 2018, check the months in reverse from June 2018 until the point when you achieve a year.

Your year time frame is July 2017 to June 2018. Good time for maternity benefits sss, isnโ€™t it?

Stage 4: Get your payslips. Recognize the six most noteworthy month to month pay inside this year time frame. At that point, include them all up. This is called your Monthly Salary Credit (MSC). Tat is how to claim sss maternity benefits.

Observe that the most extreme secured profit or pay is P16,000. Regardless of whether your compensation is higher, your greatest pay inclusion still stays at P16,000.

Expecting, that your six most elevated month to month compensations are P25,000 each. SSS will just consider P16,000 as your most noteworthy MSC.

And now about sss maternity benefit computation. At that point P16,000 + P16,000 + P16,000 + P16,000 + P16,000 + P16,000 =P96,000.

Your aggregate MSC would be P96,000

Here are the sss maternity benefits and requirements for stage 5: Divide the aggregate MSC by 180 days to get the normal day by day pay credit. This is presently your everyday recompense.

P96,000 รท 180 = P533.33

Your day by day maternity recompense would be P533.

Stage 6: Multiply the day by day maternity recompense by 60 (for ordinary conveyance or unnatural birth cycle) or 78 days (for cesarean area).

This is the aggregate of your SSS maternity advantage.


And thatโ€™s how to avail sss maternity benefits. For ordinary conveyance: P533 x 60 days = P31,980

For cesarean area: P533 x 78 days = P41,574

In any case, there are times when the SSS Maternity Benefit isn’t sufficient to modify for the new infant.

In the event that you require more money, you can get an individual advance online from Cash Mart whenever. Good personal loans for unemployed people if a good option. The entire procedure is advantageously done on the web. You can even apply while you are at home dealing with your infant. When affirmed, Cash Mart will basically send your assets straight to your financial balance.

Maternity benefits SSS [Complete Guide]
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