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Eastwest-Bank logoEastWest Bank, or if speaking more formal- EastWest Banking Corporation together with such leading banks as BPI, PNB and Metrobank occupies the first position in ratings of the best banks in Philippines nowadays. Also it is considered as one of the largest bank in this area today. In the current article we will present you the most important information about the developing of this bank and main stages of eastwest history. Also here you will find all necessary information about the eastwest branches, ATMs and eastwest office hours. So, if you are already a client of this world famous bank or only plan to become it, sit comfortably, because in this article you will find answers to all the most important questions about this bank.

Main moments of the EastWest Bank history

In comparison with such banks as Philippine National Bank, EastWest bank is quite young. It was created in the year of 1994. It opened its doors on the 6th of July and from that moment the financial world of Philippines enriched with one more leading bank. According to the plan of the East West bank founders, its name was created specially to combine the high effectiveness and progress level of the West with the hospitality, prudence and warmth of the East. Without any doubts, we can claim that the founders of EastWest Bank succeed in it and today it not only occupies leading positions among all Philippine banks, but also is a competitor to such “financial giants” as Bank of the Philippine Islands and Philippine National Bank. In Eastwest Bank, you can use the emergency loans in the Philippines that is very convenient. Due to the permanent growth and development, nowadays this bank can offer various financial services for its clients in many countries.

EastWest Bank ownership

Ownership of the EastWest Bank has changed with the years and today it is following:

  • The largest part of the Bank’s shares belongs to the Filinvest Development Corporation (75%);
  • Smaller part (24%) belongs to such eastwest bank owner as PCD Nominee Corporation;
  • The smallest parts of the EastWest bank’s shares is owned by Philippine Air Force Educational Fund and Washington Sycip (00.03% each).

Main branches and ATMs of the EastWest Bank

EastWest Bank is known as one of the largest and the most popular banks in the Philippines, so it’s not a surprise that the number of its branches and ATMs is high. EastWest head office is located in Manila, Philippines and according to the information on the official website, in the year of 2003 number of eastwest bank atms was equal to 145, while the number of its branches was 129. Bank continues its developing and in the year of 2016 these numbers have already changed to the 580 ATMs and 445 branches.

When can I visit EastWest Bank’s branch?

As a rule, Bank’s branches are opened from Monday till Friday with the eastwest banking hours from 9.00am till 5.00pm or 5.30pm (depending on the branch). For the most updated information about branches work we recommend you to visit the official website of the Bank, where you will also be able to find the closest branch or ATM through the special locator. It can significantly save your time and efforts.

EastWest Bank
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