EastWest Bank Credit Cards

eastwest bank credit cards

If you open the list with the most popular and trustable banks in Philippines, you will definitely find in this list EastWest bank. In this article we will consider all necessary information about how to get eastwest credit card. If you want to use services of one of the best banks in Philippines, then you came to the right address, in this article you will find answers to all your questions.

What are the main requirements for the EastWest bank credit card?

Each bank, regardless of in which country it is located, has its own requirements for customers. In one bank these requirements can be very strict, in another it may be simpler to apply for the credit card. What about the eastwest bank credit card requirements? Among the main requirements for applying the EastWest bank credit card are:

Your age must be more than twenty-one years.

You must be either a Filipino, or a local resident foreigner.

To apply for different cards your month income should not be less the certain amount (for example 150000 pesos for the EastWest Platinum MasterCard and 10 thousand pesos for the EastWest practical MasterCard).

Among the documents which are necessary for eastwest credit card application are:

  • Your valid ID (photocopy) with your signature and picture
  • Correctly filled application form

If you are a local resident foreigner:

  1. Work Permit,
  2. Certificate of Employment,
  3. Embassy Certification and Visa,
  4. ACR (Alien Certificate of Registration).

If you are self- employed:

  1. Financial Statements (the latest),
  2. BIR form 1701 (latest one) or the ITR.

If you are employed:

  1. Statement of Account (latest month),
  2. Payroll for the latest three months,
  3. Personnel Action Memo or Letter of Appointment,
  4. Certificate of Employment,
  5. Service record for government employees (latest one),
  6. Certificate of compensation or the BIR form 2316 (latest one) or Tax Withheld,
  7. Salary adjustment memo (latest month).

If you have all document that are necessary and meet all the eastwest bank credit card requirements, you can apply for the credit card of this bank. Let’s sort out how to do it correctly.

How can I apply for the EastWest bank credit card?

For those people who don’t have problems with documents and meet the bank requirements the next question arise “how to apply for eastwest credit card?” It is very simple and fast, because the East West bank as well as other leading banks in Philippines (and not only) gives their customers an opportunity to apply for the credit card online. It is the simplest way which can significantly save your time. You don’t have to go to the bank branch and spend half a day standing in the queue, all you need to apply for the credit card is an access to the Internet and half an hour of your time (maybe even less). So, let’s start. There are some steps which you should perform to apply for the card correctly and don’t have any problems with the confirmation of your application.

Step #1: Find the official website of the EastWest bank and the application form there.

Step #2: Fill the application with your personal data, scans of documents and other necessary information. When everything is ready check it. Each your mistake (especially mistakes in personal data) can be a reason why you bank declined your application.

Step #3: After checking the application form and making sure that everything all right, you must accept all the terms and contract’s conditions and send it.

Step #4: Now you did everything that was needed and you should wait for the bank response. Most often the response for the eastwest bank credit card online application comes in one or two weeks after sending the application form. If the bank confirmed your application, you will be able to visit the nearest branch of the EastWest bank and take your credit card there.

Which credit card to choose?

The EastWest bank offers different types for its customers depending on their main needs and requirements. In this paragraph we will consider the main types of the credit cards and advantages of each of them.

EastWest DLSAA MasterCard
Card #1: EastWest DLSAA MasterCard. This credit card gives the unique discounts for its owners. Also you can collect points to change them for gifts and discounts. Points are collected for each one hundred pesos spent by this credit card. You can use this card in more than two hundred countries all over the world and make transactions fast and easy.

Hyundai MasterCard issued by EastWest
Card #2: Hyundai MasterCard issued by EastWest. Among the main advantages and benefits of this card is that you can save up to five percent while paying for retail purchases. The most exciting advantage of this card is that you will get the free Hyundai Voucher when apply for the Hyundai MasterCard.

EastWest 1st MasterCard
Card #3: EastWest 1st MasterCard. With this credit card you will be able to shopping easily wherever you are, even when it’s not enough funds. This card gives you an opportunity to purchase goods or services now and pay for them later. Card is equipped with the security chip to prevent frauds.

EastWest Practical MasterCard.
Card #4: EastWest Practical MasterCard. If you are searching for the credit card with the lowest interest rates, here it is. This card offers its owners the lowest interest rates for making purchases in supermarkets, pay for gasoline or purchase in drugstores. For higher security level this card is also equipped with the special chip.

EastWest Visa and MasterCard
Card #5: EastWest Visa and MasterCard. Collect your reward points and exchange them for various gifts and vouchers. One reward point is charged for each one hundred pesos spent with this card.

There are more types of credit cards, for the whole list you can visit the official website where you will find more detailed information about the desired eastwest bank credit card.

EastWest Bank Credit Cards
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