Citibank Credit Cards

citibank credit cards

Citibank is one of the largest Russian banks, which provides customers with a full range of high-end services. These include the opportunity to issue a credit card Citibank, which is an advantageous and convenient tool for various banking transactions. And this is the withdrawal of cash, money transfers, settlements in shops, air and mobile companies, hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, medical centers and other institutions. And you can use the Citibank credit card in Philippines and many other foreign countries.

The ability to issue a credit card Citibank have both residents and non-residents. There are some main Citibank credit card requirements. Residents to apply for a credit card will have to provide only a few documents:

  • application;
  • copies of 2, 3, 5, 6-19 pages of the passport;
  • documents confirming your income.

You can choose one of 3 options to confirm your income: the form 2NDFL, documents on the ownership of the vehicle (driver’s license and certificate of registration of funds) or the international passport in case of travel abroad. If the client’s choice falls on the vehicle documents, then the Russian vehicle must be aged up to 5 years and the cost from 300 thousand rubles, and foreign – respectively, must be aged up to 6 years and cost from 150 thousand rubles.

For non-residents applying for the credit card will be a bit more difficult, because the list of necessary documents for the Citibank credit card application is longer:

  • application;
  • copies of the passport, migration card, visa, registration;
  • notarized translation of the first 2 pages of the passport;
  • a copy of the labor agreement / contract certified by the employer;
  • income documents (are the same as for residents).

However, it is absolutely possible to collect such a package of documents to non-residents if they are all available and everything is alright with them.

Process of documents registration

You can apply for a Citibank credit card in Philippines in three different ways:

  1. “Classic” way. You have to come to the bank with the pack of all necessary documents;
  2. To apply for the Citibank credit card online. After completing the online application, you should wait until the bank representative will call you and coordinate the meeting in a convenient location for client and at the right time. The bank employee will help fill in the application and take the documents from the client, having checked them in advance. After sending the application form on site, the system can immediately produce a result about the inability to provide this client with a credit card in case it does not meet the main requirements for obtaining credit cards.;
  3. To communicate with the bank by the phone and arrange a meeting with its employee, who will come to your home or work and help with all necessary paperwork.

Then you have to wait several days for the decision of the bank. In case of your application approval you should take the card either personally coming to the bank, or by mail or courier delivery straight to your house. The status of the application can be found on the official site of the bank, selecting the option “Check the status of the application.”

As you can see, the process of getting the Citibank card is quite simple and fast. You don’t need to spend much time and efforts. By using services of this bank, you also have an opportunity to get Citibank cash advance by applying for a loan.

Citibank Credit Cards
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