How to buy car in Philippines?

How to buy car in Philippines

Purchasing a car is quite responsible step that requires pondering and comparison of different options. Prior to considering how to buy car in Philippines, let’s consider the main transport in Philippines and compare cars from different unique Philippine companies.

  • The first Filipino company, which put the jeeps manufacturing on a serial stream. The company was cretaed in 1953 as an ordinary jeep workshop, but in 1962 it turned almost into a corporation, producing up to 30 jeeps per month at various bases. Decoration, of course, is done by hand, so all cars are individual. In 2014 Sarao presented its first minivan-non-jeep Sarao Prototype ONE on the Nissan Patrol chassis.
  • Del Monte (DMMC). The company originated in 1950 as an assembly production of buses, then began to make its own car bodies, and later the chassis.
  • This company existed from 1962 to 1984 in Manila and was engaged in assembling Toyota off-road vehicles under the Japanese license. Also in the model line there were also own models based on the Toyota.
  • MD Juan. This is the company, which since 1966 has been producing whales, imitating classic military (and civil) jeeps, as well as any spare parts for the “Wills” and similar to them – from pistons to turn signals. In fact, it’s the designer “assemble your jeepney as you want”. Therefore, MD Juan does not have specific models: the buyer simply assembles a kit, which he likes, from the car body to the body kit.
  • The second largest manufacturer of jeeps after Sarao. Armak is more “classic”, makes typical jeep-beads by orders of individuals.
  • Jeep-manufacturing from San Pablo, working under the motto “Quality never gets worse.” Corporate Celestial identity – metallized surfaces and monochrome decorations. Celestial makes maximum 5-6 cars per year, their products are considered as “elite jeeps” and are often the winners at local auto beauty contests.
  • Manufacturer of jeepney from the city of Imus, specializes in decorating its models with extensive airbrushing.
  • Another jeepney-maker from Imus; as well as in Hebron, the corporate style of the Impos’s jeepneys is less volume ornaments and more airbrushing.

Purchasing a car in Philippines

If you are searching for an answer for question “how to buy a car in the Philippines?” then you are on the right way. Here we will consider different ways of purchasing a car in Philippines and discuss all advantages and disadvantages of each of them. In fact, there are several ways to buy and sell cars in the Philippines:


Way #1. Car showrooms. In many Philippine cities there are whole automobile streets, along which you can find many salons of both new and used cars of different brands, categories and producer countries, as well as salons of hire.


For example, if you are traveling from Samal Island to Davao, the car street will start straight from the ferry crossing in the Sasa area from the showroom of the Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Granstar Motors and Industrial Corporation (or GMIC).

Way #2. Online stores. Another easy way of buying a car in the Philippines. As a rule, in online stores used cars are sold. The claimed price for such cars is greatly exaggerated. You should choose a car and contact the seller to “bargain”.

Important: do not forget that you are in Asia, and the Asians like bargaining. Of course, in the showroom of the official dealer, it’s stupid to brazenly ask for reducing the price, but it’s quite normal and absolutely possible to ask whether they have current promo actions. The most favorable time for buying a car (and many others things too) is in December, i.e. during the Christmas sales.

Way #3. Private ads or tips from friends, relatives, acquaintances, etc. It is the most financially profitable way to buy first car in the Philippines, but at the same time it is the most insecure one.

The cost of cars is different and directly depends on the quality of car. For example, in Davao, you can purchase a car from $ 500. In principle, every foreigner can choose the desired model among affordable cars in Philippines.

5 simple tips for buying a used vehicle

As it was mentioned above, the simplest way to purchase car in Philippines is to buy used vehicle. So, let’s consider main tips how to buy a used car securely.

  1. It is worthwhile to prioritize and outline all possible options. Thus you will significantly expand the area of searches and, perhaps, buy a car that will be even better than the one you want to buy at the beginning.
  2. You should correctly estimate the budget, because you buy a used car, and most likely, it will require certain money investments (online easy personal loans). Accordingly, for the purchase of such car you must allocate 80-85% of your budget, the rest should be spent on possible repairs, registration and insurance.
  3. Pay your attention to the general condition of the interior, the door seals, the steering wheel and the pedals. The less you find abrasions, chips, scratches, etc., the less will be the mileage and the less repairs car will need in the future.
  4. When choosing a car, pay attention to the number of photos. If the there are less than 5 photos or the car is photographed only from the one “right” side, you should skip this option. If the seller has nothing to hide, he will show the maximum possible number of photos, thereby protecting himself from stupid questions from potential buyers.
  5. When inspecting a car, try to follow several rules. First, inspect the car in dry weather conditions (if it’s raining, it’s better to postpone the inspection). Secondly, take your time and try to inspect the car as detailed as possible. Pay attention to small things and do not let the seller rush you.
How to buy car in Philippines?
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