BPI Credit Cards

BPI Credit Cards

Plastic cards of banks today firmly established themselves on the position as one of the integral things in our life. Credit, salary, debit cards- today, rarely you will not find in your wallet at least one of these types of “plastic”. Credit cards are used by almost everyone, regardless of wealth or age. For many banks nowadays plastic cards of various types are one of the main sources of income.

Having a bpi credit card, you can afford everything that you want, and even more. You will be able to:

  • receive cash in any ATM or BPI bank branch, and then spend it on their own needs,
  • to make plastic card payments for the airlines services, or to purchase the various goods in shops, travel agencies, insurance companies, polyclinics etc. Also you will be able to take different discounts of these enterprises and firms why paying a BPI card;
  • to make a non-cash transfer of funds a plastic card for mobile communication services through ATMs,
  • make payments by this plastic cards for purchases of the goods through the Internet shops, payment for the Internet services through ATMs with the card of this bank,
  • receive a statement of cash flow on your card (bank) account through the Internet.
  • get rid of all the hassle and inconveniences associated with traveling on a business trip and with border crossings and currency exchange.

How can I apply for the BPI credit card?

If you decided that you need all advantages and benefits offered by the credit card of the BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands) bank, let’s consider the main requirements for the bpi credit card. Among them are following requirements:

  • You have to be either a citizen of the Philippines or the Philippine resident if you want to apply for the credit card
  • You age should be more than twenty – one year
  • You have to have a business contact number or a residence contact number
  • Your month income shouldn’t be higher than fifteen thousand pesos.

If you meet all the above listed bpi credit card requirements, you have all rights to apply for this credit card and use all benefits offered by the Bank of the Philippine Islands. As in any bank to apply for the credit card you have to collect some documents. In one banks it will be a pile of different documents and certificates, while other banks only ask for the passport and TIN. What do you need to get the bpi mastercard? The list of necessary documents isn’t long and horrendous and the set of documents differs from the type of your employment. Let’s consider which certificates and documents you need if you are employed, self-employed or a foreigner.

For employed people the set of necessary documents to apply for the BPI credit card is following:

  1. Certificate of employment (it is the most important document in this case).
  2. The latest payrolls.
  3. Photocopy of the BIR Form 2316 (the latest one).
  4. Your personal ID (issued by government).

For foreigner (foreign residents) the set of necessary documents will differ a bit:

  1. You need your passport,
  2. Documents of embassy accreditation or
  3. Certificate of registration (foreign) and permit for work.

For self-employed people the set of documents is:

  1. Your personal ID (issued by government).
  2. the last tax refund with BIR or the bank’s stamp.
  3. The last audited financial report with BIR.

You have all the necessary documents and meet all requirements? If yes, let’s consider the main types of the bpi cards.

Which types of BPI credit cards are available today?

Prior to consider how to apply for credit card in bpi let’s consider which types of credit cards are available today.

BPI Skymiles Platinum Mastercard
Card 1: BPI Skymiles Platinum Mastercard. The main feature of this card is miles which are collected. These miles give you an opportunity to travel in six continents, one hundred and sixty countries and more than nine hundred cities. How to earn these miles? Simply. Everytime you pay with your credit card (it doesn’t matter where to pay bpi credit card) you earn miles. Fill the bpi credit card application, collect miles and then thanks to the partnership of the Bank of the Philippine Islands with such airlines as Delta Air you will be able to convert these miles into your next trips to one of the offered countries/cities and even continents.

Petron – BPI Mastercard
Card 2: Petron –BPI Mastercard. This credit card will be the real treasure for drivers. Why? Because when filling this bpi credit card application, you get the free fuel on the sum of two hundred dollars from the bank! Not bad, yeah? Moreover, with this credit card you have a 3% discount on fuel which will help you to economize your petrol spendings greatly.

BPI Gold Mastercard
Card 3: BPI Gold Mastercard. As it can be seen from the name, this card gives you great benefits. The most important one is that if you pay for your travel tickets with this credit card, you automatically receive the free insurance the amount of which can reach ten million pesos.

BPI Blue Mastercard
Card 4: BPI Blue Mastercard. This card is similar to the previous one. The one difference is that it gives you an opportunity to receive the free insurance in amount of two million pesos for your travels.

BPI Edge Mastercard
Card 5: BPI Edge Mastercard. This is probably the best card for youth. It gives an opportunity to get the hottest discounts in night clubs and shops when making purchases. Shortly speaking it is your gold ticket to the ultramodern life.

BPI eCredit
Card 6: BPI eCredit. This credit card from the BPI bank was created for the Internet shopping. With this card you will be able to make purchases online fast and without any effort and inconveniences.

BPI Family Credit Card
Card 7: BPI Family Credit Card. With this card you can forget about the financial problems. With the opportunity to get the bpi cash advance you will be able to afford everything you want. This card can help you to increase your cash flow and make your life much easier.

IF you choose one of these credit cards, there is nothing difficult in how to apply bpi credit card. Visit the BPI website, choose the desired card and fill in the application with your personal info. Bank employee will connect you by the phone or send you an email with the date when you are able to visit the bank and take your card. Simple, fast and convenient.

BPI Credit Cards
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