Can you imagine the modern life without credit cards? Today it’s almost impossible to go shopping or to pay for various services without card. It’s much more convenient to always keep this small piece of plastic in your purse, than permanently keep large amount of cash. The only one thing that disturb almost everyone today is card of which bank it’s better to choose? Banco de Oro or (BDO) occupies the TOP position among other Philippine banks. The reliability of this bank is proven over the years. In this article we will consider how to apply for the bdo credit card and which advantages it will bring you.

Main steps for applying the credit card

Nowadays many banks including Banco de Oro give the opportunity to fill in the application for the credit card online. So, if you decided to choose BDO and want to get its credit card, you are able to fill in and send the bdo credit card application without leaving your home. Prior to considering the main necessary steps to apply for the credit card of this ban, let’s consider the main requirements for BDO credit card. Among them are following requirements:

  • You must be a Filipino or at least live in the Philippines for two years
  • Your age should be more than twenty-one and less than seventy years
  • You have to enter your current mobile phone and address
  • You have to be either employed or self-employed.

In addition to mentioned above requirements about how to get credit card in BDO, there are also some restrictions for your month income. We will consider them later.

If you meet all the mentioned bdo credit card requirements, you can apply for the credit card. There is nothing difficult in it, because, as it was mentioned above, you can do it online. Let’s consider the main steps of how to apply for credit card in BDO:

  1. First of all, you should go to the official website of Banco de Oro. There you should find the application form for the BDO credit card.
  2. After this you should choose the desired card among options offered by the bank (we will consider the types of the BDO credit cards later).
  3. When you chose the credit card which suits your requirements most of all, you are ready to fill in the application. Enter all the necessary information and your personal data very attentively. All fields in the application must be filled correctly.
  4. After filling the application, you should agree with all term and conditions.
  5. One step is left to finish your application. Send the scans of your documents and send the application.

After performing all steps you have to wait for the response. The bank employee will contact you as soon as your application is confirmed. When you wait for confirmation you can check the current status of your application online (the link is available on the official website of the BDO).

Which type of the BDO credit card to choose?

In the previous paragraph we mentioned different types of the Banco de Oro. So, now when we sorted out how to apply for bdo credit card let’s consider types of credit cards and main features of each of them.

BDO Gold card
Card 1: BDO Gold card. To get this card your minimal income should be thirty-five thousand pesos per month. Card gives you a free insurance for travel and has a function of dual currency. You can pay with this card for any entertaining and goods without losing the opportunity to get discounts.

BDO Laus AutoGroup MasterCard
Card 2: BDO Laus AutoGroup MasterCard. This card gives you an opportunity to get the great discounts for services of all Laus Auto Group and earn points each time when you purchase the fuel. To get this card your minimal income should be fifteen thousand pesos per month.

BDO Shopmore MasterCard
Card 3: BDO Shopmore MasterCard. This card will be a real treasure for the true lovers of shopping. With this card of BDO you will be able to get discounts for your purchases and get a five-percent rebate during sales. To get this card your minimal income should be fifteen thousand pesos per month.

BDO JCB Lucky Cat
Card 4: BDO LCB Lucky Cat. This card with the cute name will become your real lucky credit card. Why? The card gives you an opportunity to get the free access to the JCB Plaza lounges in the nine different cities worldwide. Moreover, owners of this card get points for every fifty pesos which are charged to this BDO credit card. To get this card your minimal income should be fifteen thousand pesos per month.

BDO Standard MasterCard
Card 5: BDO Standard MasterCard. As well as the previous card, this one also gives you an opportunity to get points for every fifty pesos which you spend with this card. As well as in previous cases, to get this card your minimal income should be fifteen thousand pesos per month.

BDO Bench Card
Card 6: BDO Bench Card. This card is a great choice for online shopping. With it you will be able to get various discounts and take part in different promo actions while making purchases online on the websites-partners. To get this card your minimal income should be fifteen thousand pesos per month.

BDO Diners Club International
Card 7: BDO Diners Club International. This card will ideally fit all requirements of people who can’t imagine their life without travelling. Card gives you an opportunity to get a free access to the airport lounges worldwide. Also you will be able to earn miles each time when you spend thirty pesos with this credit card. To get this card your minimal income should be 21 667 pesos per month.

BDO Platinum Card
Card 8: BDO Platinum Card. This card gives you an opportunity to use great discounts when you will be shopping on the website-partners of this program. To get this card your minimal income should be 150000 pesos per month.

All these card are different, but whichever you choose, you will be the owner of the best credit card in Philippines anyway.

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