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There are dozens of situations in our life when we need money. A loan can help in this situation, but only the best loan, which does not create additional problems. When we don’t have the necessary money amount we can act in three ways:

  • We persuade ourselves that we don’t need this purchase or trip;
  • We cry and do nothing;
  • We think where to get the money.

It’s obvious that the third way is the most adequate. The simplest, the fastest, and the safest way is to take a loan. But how to choose the best loan agency with fast loan approval? Let’s consider the main aspects to note when choosing.

How to get a loan?


Set amount and due date


Sign the Contract


Fill in a form


Get approved and Get money

Why us?

Flexible repayment term
In case of unforeseen circumstances through no fault of the borrower, BINIXO Lending offers prolongation of repayment on a case to case basis.
We are fast
Money will be sent immediately after the approval. We appreciate your time, so all transactions are done 100% online, allowing you to send a request and get the money without leaving home.
Transparent costs
With the full cost shown up front, use the calculator to count fees applied before making decision.

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How not to be tricked

How not to be tricked?

Perhaps the most difficult thing nowadays is to choose the best loans company. All the financial institutions vying to advertise “the lowest interest rates,” “loans without collateral,” “credit for an hour,” “salary loan,” and other tempting offers. However, in fact, such promises are nothing more than a trick to lure the confiding client. Here are the main factors to note when choosing a company:

  • Find out what is the real interest rate.
  • Ask all about “cunning” commissions.
  • Find out if you can repay the loan freely.
  • Look for a reasonable alternative.

Let’s consider each of these factors in details.

interest rate

Find out what is the real interest rate

Tempting promises of companies to offer the best loan in the Philippines almost for free – no more than an advertising move. You are promised 0.0001% per year and then it turns out that the real interest earned on the client is more than 80%. Therefore, start a conversation with a company employee with a request to provide a full calculation of overpayments for loans in the amount that you plan to receive. If an employee finds a lot of reasons not to give you a specific amount of overpayments, it will be too risky to cooperate with this corporation.

cunning commissions

Ask all about “cunning” commissions

Offering best loans in the Philippines, banks and some companies usually take in addition to interest a one-time commission (up to 25% of the loan amount) and a monthly loan fee (1.15 – 3%). The trick is that often monthly payments are charged on the whole loan amount. There are also such banks that do demand to pay a commission at the end of the contract term. And, of course, without warning about it in advance. Therefore, require the company to clearly indicate all commissions. Preferably in the form of a document with a seal.


Find out if you can repay the loan freely

When choosing the bestloan lending company there is one more important moment. A number of companies demand a commission for the loan payment through their own cash desks. While using free methods – ATMs, mail, you risk getting fines. The payment is credited to the account not on the day of making, but for one or even three days. So, if:

  • the company does not have a free loan repayment service;
  • the branches are difficult to find on the city map.

it is better to choose another one.

reasonable alternative

Look for a reasonable alternative

As a rule, you can always find an alternative to fast and easy loans among many other companies or banks. Even if you think that the company offers best loan requirements check other options. Always read the reviews from other clients about the company. Check its rating in the list of companies with the best online loans in the Philippines. Your decision should be carefully thought-out. In such case, you will regret neither about the loan nor about the company choice. Learn all the pros and cons of the company. For example, Binixo is ready to offer its customers such a service as a phone loan, thanks to which you will receive money within 15 minutes without any problems and headaches.


Why Binixo?

Binixo is the rapidly developing company with the good rating. We offer low-interest rates and all our conditions are fully transparent. Our company provides you with the easy application process and fast loan’s approval. If you still don’t know where to take the best online loan in the Philippines, consider Binixo. We exist to simplify your life and give the helping hand. Hundreds of positive reviews from our clients are the best proof of our reputation.

    General requirements for borrower:
  • Person must be over 18 years of age and be a citizen of Philippines.

    Loan interest:
  • Depending on the lender, interest rate can vary: per day from 0.8% to 2%, APR(annual percentage rate) from 10.5% to 71%.

  • Credit amount is 20 000 PHP for 30 days, full payout amount is 26,000 PHP.
  • These values ​​are approximate and may vary depending on the conditions of the lender.