About us

Our company is a legal intermediary between borrowers and financial companies in the Filipinos credit market that was first established in 2017. In the beginning, we started working in Eastern Europe where we gained a decent client database. Then, we approached Asia, Africa, and Latin America. As of now, our branches can be found in more than 10 countries including Mexico, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. What is more? We do not charge money for our services.

Our Goals

The most important goal for us is qualitative assistance to our clients concerning the credit organizations. We advise and estimate one or another lender, and give our final verdict whether it is worth turning to his services or not. Also, we give tips on how to make the application procedure easier, and how to meet lenders’ requirements within minutes and with a minimum of documents. What are our other targets?

  • Explain to seekers how the credit market works, and what financial organization it is possible to trust and to rely on;
  • Notify them about the possible interest, commission, extra fees, and requirements. All the details and information discussed with us will help people to decide on the best company to borrow money from, and to avoid the events where companies demand additional costs for no reason;
  • Organize training on credit literacy, provide clients with tips on how to repay requested amounts, what details in an agreement to pay attention to, and what penalties to expect, and so on.

If you want to get to know more, contact our friendly Filipino team.

Our Advantages

Again, we do not charge fees for our services. Our clients get plenty of choices, and all the lenders offered are checked and gained respect in the credit market. Any person can contact the team 24/7, there are no breaks and day-offs. So, an answer will be immediate. What else?

We have many secrets that help us to guarantee our seekers the best solutions and results. Our navigation has a designated algorithm that shows the selections of companies matching person’s criteria about the interest, or the due date. Otherwise, we can personally recommend the tried-and-true partners where you will not pay over the nose.

We in the World

Binixo company is daily expanding the number of its branches across the world, and there is a plan to discover each country. As of now, we are presented on many continents. For example, if a person lives outside the Philippines, he may find our team in Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Spain, Philippines, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, and South Africa. And, this is only the beginning, more markets to be available soon.